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Workshop on ICT and literacy at American School of Warsaw

On January 14, 2017 the GPTE students took part in a very inspiring workshop organised by the American School of Warsaw (ASW). Experienced ASW teachers: Heidi Laffay, Raquel Reyes, and Miriam James prepared amazing sessions about using technology to enhance literacy learning in our classrooms.

At the beginning Heidi Laffay presented the ASW’s literacy philosophy and the SAMR model (you can get some more info about this incredibly powerful idea here!). She also showed us some very handful websites to booster our students’ reading skills. And there was still much more to come! Raquel Reyes presented a bunch of really handy apps which we can use even with very young learners. Thanks to Miriam James, the wonderful ASW librarian, we could see how to combine books and technology so they can serve the needs of students of all ages and language levels.

We left the sessions with heads full of ideas that we could use with our students right away.

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Published: 2017-01-23