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Teacher Training programmes at foreign universities


We have more than 20+ years’ experience of providing teacher training courses for teachers from all over the world. In the past 3 years around 2000 teachers from 25 different countries joined courses with IPC. We offer a range of 2 week courses that run throughout the year – courses for teachers of English at primary, secondary and adult education-level. We also offer courses for teachers of other subjects who are interested in teaching their subject through the medium of English (CLIL). We encourage you to apply for funding through the new 7 year Erasmus Plus programme – under Key Action 1.

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University of Minnesota, CARLA: Summer Institutes for Language Teachers

CARLA summer institute participants – more than 4,600 to date – have come from every state and countries all over the world. They have included foreign language, immersion, and ESL teachers at all levels of instruction, as well as program administrators, curriculum specialists, and language teacher educators.


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The Hague University of Applied Sciences

Teacher Training for Primary Education: Urban Education in an Intercultural, International Perspective:


The ‘Urban education’ course started 15 years ago with the aim of training International student teachers to:

  • learn from other educational systems in the world.
  • Experience an opportunity to live and learn in a foreign country.
  • Broaden their views on different cultures, religions and identities.
  • Interact with students from other cultural backgrounds.
  • Be able to teach children from different ethnic backgrounds and with different specific needs.
  • Improve their English

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Published: 2015-05-04