Study visit to Slovenia

Paulina Andruszkiewicz, Anna Kurowska, Zahrah Nasser Alsadiq, Dominika Filipek, Natalia Nałęcz, Marta Niewiarowska, Adrian Sierant and dr Katarzyna Brzosko-Barratt, project coordinator, participated in the study visit to Slovenia, which was organized in cooperation with the University of Ljubljana, one of the project partners.


The participants observed CLIL lessons in Slovenian primary schools, learned about the Slovenian educational system and exchanged information about the teacher training programmes at the University of Ljubljana and the University of Warsaw.


They also gave presentations about Poland and the Polish educational system and about the University of Warsaw.

After the study visit, the students shared their knowledge and newly gained experiences with other students of the programme. The presentation about pedagogical space is available here and the presentation about scaffolding can be viewed here.


Published: 2015-05-20