The Teaching Portfolio


The Teaching Portfolio consists of two parts: (1) The Learning Portfolio and (2) Pedagogical CV.



The Learning Portfolio is a document created by student teachers during their studies in the Graduate Program in Teaching English to Young Learners offered at the University of Warsaw. It is a tool created to help student teachers reflect on their past and present experiences. The idea behind creating the Learning Portfolio is to present the process of learning to teach as cumulative and indicating that varied experiences lead to the development of teaching skills, including student teachers’ own learning and teaching experiences. The Learning Portfolio is designed to allow student teachers to document this process. Multiple courses as well multiple experiences can help student teachers develop particular areas needed to become effective teachers.



Pedagogical CV is as a collection of teaching exemplars and artifacts demonstrating the teaching skills to supervisors, future employers and colleagues. Developed during the last semester and presented upon graduation. It is based on the selected materials which were partly developed for the Learning Portfolio. It is designed to create for others a portrait the student  as  a  teacher, his/her beliefs  and  principles,  approaches  and  practices  for teaching and management, evidence of past accomplishments, plans for future development, strengths and special interests.







A full description of the Teaching Portfolio can be found here:

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Portfolio examples:


Eportfolio - Reflect