mgr Monika Galbarczyk

Coordinated courses:

Teaching English to young learners lecture

The trainees will be provided with background information regarding children’s development and educational implications, involved in the teaching English to children at pre-primary and lower primary level. An overview of a variety of teaching methods, approaches and techniques appropriate for young learners will be presented. The students will be familiar with various techniques used to develop 4 language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. They will be equipped with the knowledge concerning the selection of appropriate techniques to introduce and consolidate vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation.


Teaching English to young learners workshops

The course focuses on the practical preparation for the role of a YL teacher. It will aim at helping the trainees to appreciate the significant role of a YL teacher and highlight the teaching skills necessary in pre-primary and lower primary education. During the course the trainees will be provided with sufficient background information concerning child development and the implications for a variety of approaches and techniques suitable for young learners. They will also learn about the place of FL instruction in early education in Poland. The course will create an environment in which trainees will practice their teaching skills and try out the effectiveness of their teaching materials. They will learn how to plan lessons for different age groups and how to manage English classes at pre-primary and lower primary level.

Published: 2018-11-20