Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) describes both learning content through the medium of a foreign language and learning a foreign language by studying a content-based subject. As CLIL researchers emphasize, the emphasis is placed on both content and language. In other words, “each is interwoven even if the emphasis is greater on one or the other at a given time” (Coyle, Hood and Marsh 2010 p.1). CLIL has become very popular all over Europe and many educationalists appreciate the benefits which emerge out of following this instructional approach. Students have an opportunity to interact meaningfully, they are more motivated and challenged cognitively. Although initially CLIL was most often introduced in secondary classrooms, it now begins to gain ground in primary education.

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Useful CLIL resources:


Francisco Lorenzo, Models and Practice in CLIL


Rosie Tanner, How happy a CLIL English teacher are you?[1].pdf


Publications in Polish:


Języki Obce w Szkole, CLIL w polskich szkołach: od teorii do praktyki;